Web development does not have to hit the rails - ComputerworldUK

26 сентября 2008, 03:00

So, how do alternative standards - such as JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ruby on Rails (RoR) - provide more opportunities for creating web applications? As its ...

METROTWIN.COM - A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Newsdesk (pressmeddelande)

26 сентября 2008, 03:00

British Airways is the biggest global brand ever to use Ruby on Rails externally. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a cutting-edge web development framework favoured ...

Get your PHP on the right Trax

24 сентября 2008, 03:00

By Deepak Vohra • Get more from this author Hands on Ruby on Rails has become a popular framework for developing database-based web applications using the ...

eBook: Rails Kochbuch - Chip Online

23 сентября 2008, 03:00

Dieses PDF-Buch ist vollgestopft mit genialen L?sungen, um Web-Anwendungen vom Feinsten zu erstellen. Das Web-Framework Ruby on Rails hat gezeigt, wie man ...

OpenID Single Sign-On - Dr. Dobb's Journal

23 сентября 2008, 03:00

In this article, I describe the OpenID authentication system and show how a web application built with Ruby on Rails can use OpenID to authenticate its ...