October 11-12 - MerbCamp - StartupSD

13 сентября 2008, 03:00

Merb is a fast, light, and agile framework for building web applications inspired by Ruby on Rails. Thread-safe and engineered to handle multiple requests ...

Easyspace Launches New VPS Plans - Web Host Industry Review

12 сентября 2008, 03:00

The custom server and pre-configured Ruby-on-Rails server options offer customers far more flexibility in terms of features they require, coding preferences ...

Easyspace launches Custom and Ruby on Rails Virtual Servers - WebWire (press release)

11 сентября 2008, 03:00

Easyspace, one of the largest Virtual Server providers in the UK, has updated its VPS range to now include Custom Build and Ruby-on-Rails ready Virtual ...

Update for Ruby on Rails remedies security problems

10 сентября 2008, 03:00

Version 2.1.1 of the Ruby on Rails web framework has been released, which fixes a number of minor problems and instabilities, and also remedies two ...

RE[2]: WebKit/Chrome zealotism getting out of hand - OS News

09 сентября 2008, 03:00

Lots of people certainly have. Just because you as an individual haven't doesn't make it a straw man. For example, take a look at Ruby on Rails deployment ...